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What Is Alcohol Help?

Hello, we are Alcohol Help, and we are very pleased to meet you. We are a brand new organization that is dedicated to providing the public with the most current and accurate information on all aspects of alcohol abuse and alcohol use disorders and how to treat and recover from them.

Alcohol Help is an informational resource that helps those who are struggling with addiction to alcohol and those that are trying to support loved ones struggling with addiction to alcohol. We provide meticulously researched and carefully written information to the public at no cost. We also help users locate and identify treatment options that are available to them.

Our staff is composed of caring individuals who have had their lives touched directly or indirectly by alcoholism. Our team has seen first hand the damage that alcohol can do to everyone who is touched by it, and we want to turn the tide.

What We Believe

We believe that an alcohol use disorder is a complex neurobiological disease that is expressed in a number of different ways due to the complex interaction between numerous personal and environmental factors. We believe that alcohol abuse destroys lives, of both the one who is addicted and their loved ones. We believe that alcohol can trap people in a vicious cycle of abuse that can seem impossible to escape from, especially if it is combined with untreated mental health conditions.

We believe that change is always possible. We believe that help is out there. We believe that no matter how bad things may seem, that they can get better. We believe that you or your loved one can achieve and maintain long-term sobriety. We believe that no matter how many times you or your loved one have fallen short of your goal, it is still attainable.

We believe that for the vast majority of individuals, attending a rehab program is the best course of action. We believe that rehab programs provide those who are attempting to overcome an alcohol use disorder with the tools, counseling, support, and connection that will be most useful for them. We believe that anyone who is struggling with alcoholism should attend a rehab program.

We believe that we can help. We believe that by providing information, we can help others understand the pernicious disease of alcoholism and those that tragically suffer from it. We believe that by helping individuals find the right rehab for them that we are helping to save lives.


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