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For those recovering from substance abuse, the COVID-19 pandemic limited the community connection and support needed for sustained recovery.

Lacking Connection: How COVID-19 Challenged Recovery

Author: David Hampton |

Many integral factors are needed for recovery, including having a solid support system, coping skills, and available resources; however, for so many during the pandemic, regular, dependable outlets for support and connection became significantly reduced or nonexistent.

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Journaling can help improve mental health.

9 Tips For Improving Mental Health: New Year, New Goals

Author: Hannah Zwemer |

Check out this list of 9 ideas to improve your mental health in the new year. From exercise to self-care, journaling to mindfulness, these suggestions provide great options to begin forming a better relationship with your mental health.

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A man at the wheel of a car puts his hand to his forehead while another holds a BAC measuring device; presumably the first man has driven drunk.

Many Drive Drunk Without Knowing

Author: William Henken |

Some alcohol drinkers may think they are able to estimate their own degree of impairment before driving. New research, however, shows that isn't the case — and the results of making such an error could be disastrous.

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Saying no to alcohol is never a bad idea.

Abstinence Or Moderation: Is There A Correct Choice?

Author: Carmen McCrackin |

Moderation and abstinence are two approaches that can be used for changing the role of alcohol in one's life. Listed below are factors that can determine which method may work for you and when to consider further treatment.

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Socializing without alcohol leads to clear conversations and no hangover anxiety.

Socializing Without Alcohol

Author: William Henken |

Going to a holiday dinner or other social event without liquid courage can seem daunting if you have become accustomed to drinking your way through these events. However, whether this is your first year sober during the holidays or you just need a little extra help this year, there are a few simple tips, tricks, and practices that can help you socialize effectively and enjoyably.

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There may be an increase of alcoholic liver disease.

Alcoholic Liver Disease Up Since COVID

Author: William Henken |

Heavy drinking habits during the pandemic have led to a sharp increase in the number of Americans waiting on a liver; healthier relaxation methods than alcohol are available to those worried about alcoholic liver disease.

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Celebrities that have recovered from an alcohol addiction can provide inspiration.

Celebrities Who Have Recovered From An Alcohol Addiction

Author: Emily Murray |

Alcohol use disorders (AUD) can affect everyone, even celebrities. Celebrities who have recovered from an alcohol addiction prove that seeking treatment is an option for anyone as well.

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