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Legacy Healing Detox has assembled a team of healers with nearly 150 years of personal recovery and decades of experience treating individuals afflicted with the disease of addiction and other mental health disorders. We’ve handpicked the most compassionate, empathetic and skilled practitioners from all over the country that will help you and your loved one unlock the door and access the tools to build a foundation for your recovery. We believe in a multi-modal approach to treating addiction and mental illness.

There are four pillars to our program:

  • A personal sober coach that will be available to you for your entire life recovery action plan (RAP) that will identify biopsychosocial needs to be addressed with your treatment team, including an all-encompassing discharge plan to fully re-integrate you back into society
  • A wellness program that includes organic juice, nutrition, personal fitness and alternative pain management (i.e. physical therapy, acupuncture, cupping and massage therapy)
  • Motivational enhancement therapy to assist you with accessing the coping skills already locked up inside of you.

We will use a three-pronged approach:

  • Appropriate medication at the right time and for the appropriate length of time
  • The appropriate talk therapy
  • A support group of peers dealing with the same diseases and similar challenges of early recovery.

The disease of addiction impacts the addict’s entire social network. In fact, statistics prove that for each addict in active addiction, the consequences reach eight (8) other individuals. At Legacy we will educate, treat the entire family and most importantly help reconnect you or your loved one back into the family system.

At Legacy, our mission is to offer a gateway to a better life for anyone suffering from active addiction. Our holistic approach to healing is tailor made to each individual who enters our community, offering hope, ongoing support and a new opportunity to thrive. Our vision is to help every person who enters our program to find his or her way to long-term recovery. And our promise to our clients is a safe and nurturing environment conducive to forgiveness and healing that ultimately transforms the addicted self to the authentic self, that is required to create a sober identity.

Legacy’s team will empower you to own your entire story, and to believe that your genuine and authentic self is good enough, and worthy of love and belonging! We guarantee that if you embrace this process, do the introspective work and follow our loving professionals’ recommendations, as well as the 12-step predecessors we introduce you to, that you will remain clean and sober and transform your existence from a place of scarcity, degradation and misery, to a life of happiness, joy and true freedom from the prison that is addiction and mental illness.

Legacy Healing Detox wants to pass on the hope and freedom that comes with the gift of recovery. From our family to yours, and from generation to generation, there is nothing more gratifying to us than to witness the rebirth and redemption of a broken spirit. The only thing you have to do alone is make the call. Once you do so the Legacy family will hold your hand throughout the rest of your spiritual journey!

  • Author: Alcohol Help | Last Updated: October 10, 2023

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