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Young women hungover from alcohol or facing alcohol withdrawal

Is It A Hangover Or Alcohol Withdrawal?

Author: Suzette Gomez |

Hangovers happen after heavy consumption of alcohol, while alcohol withdrawal is when a heavy drinker suddenly decreases their drinking.

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Getting outside is a great way to relax without alcohol.

5 Ways To Relax Without Alcohol

Author: Emily Murray |

Even though many turn to to alcohol for relaxation, it is not an effective solution to prolonged stress. Here are 5 ways to relax without alcohol.

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10 Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Author: Michael Muldoon |

While any of these options could serve as a good reason to stop drinking, we've included 10 to drive home the point that alcohol is dangerous when abused.

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Welcome to Alcohol Help

Author: Jeffrey Juergens |

We are dedicated to providing the public with the most accurate information on all aspects of alcohol use disorders and how to treat and recover from them.

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