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The Cost Of Rehab

If you’ve decided it’s time for you or your loved one to start rehab, you’re probably wondering whether rehab is affordable. Unfortunately, financial concerns prevent many people who struggle with alcohol addiction from ever seeking treatment. Since paying for rehab can be an obstacle to recovery, it is important to understand the cost of rehab.

The cost of rehab will vary depending on the type of program, the length of the program, the location of the rehab facility, and the amenities the facility provides. If you’re interested in a certain rehab program, give the treatment center a call and ask them about their prices.

The Cost Of Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab is beneficial, but it’s usually the most expensive option for treatment. During inpatient rehab, patients live at a care facility for at least 30 days, although some long-term programs will last several months. Inpatient rehab prices encompass the costs of meals, housing, and medication in addition to the costs of detox, therapy, and 24/7 support from a team of treatment providers. For a basic, one-month program, patients pay about an average price of $6,000 to $7,500. A residential program that spans two or three months could cost about $20,000.

The quality of a care facility affects the cost of inpatient rehab more than than the cost of any other treatment option. Some rehab facilities resemble five-star hotels and offer luxury amenities, such as spas and golf courses. An inpatient rehab program at a luxury facility could cost about $100,000 for only 30 days. Even without luxury amenities, the cost of inpatient rehab may also increase if the facility is in an area with high property values.

The Cost Of Outpatient Rehab And Partial Hospitalization

Outpatient rehab is often a more affordable option for alcohol addiction treatment. Outpatient rehab does not require a patient to live at a facility full-time. Instead, patients attend rehab sessions at the facility for several hours every week and continue to live at home. The cost of outpatient care may depend on the number of appointments a patient attends. However, the average cost of three months of outpatient rehab is $5,000 to $10,000.

Some outpatient rehab programs involve partial hospitalization programs (PHP), a level of care in which patients spend as many as 6 hours per day in a hospital-like setting, usually for several weeks. After daily treatment at a PHP, the individual can return home or reside in a sober living home. Partial hospitalization offers an intermediary treatment option between inpatient and outpatient rehab while still providing supervision and medical support. An average partial hospitalization program will cost about $400 per day.

Rehab Is Too Expensive For Me. What Should I Do?

Rehab is a major investment in your health, happiness, and future. The price of a typical rehab program is high because effective rehab for alcohol addiction requires time, an expert staff, an adequate location, and an extensive supply of medications. In addition to program prices, rehab centers sometimes charge hundreds of dollars in admissions fees to process applications as well. If you’re looking for treatment, the price tags you see may be daunting. Nevertheless, alcohol addiction is likely to inflict steep medical and legal costs as you advance through life. By completing a rehab program, you may save yourself money in the future.

Fortunately, you may be able to pay for rehab through your employer-provided insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, a SAMSHA grant, or a rehab scholarship. Furthermore, you may have the opportunity to benefit from a low-cost rehab option, such as a government-funded program in your area. If rehab is too expensive for you right now, you can always join an Alcoholics Anonymous group or a faith-based 12-step program at a church or community center for free.

If you want to get more answers to your questions about the costs of rehab and how to get rehab for alcohol addiction, contact a treatment provider today with the number listed on this website.

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